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Chiropractic Videos: Free Collection of Chiropractic Videos You Can Use for Patient Education and Marketing

video marketingVideo is a powerful communication tool that can greatly enhance patient engagement, knowledge, acquisition and retention when used properly. There are many blog posts floating around that proclaim to teach you the right way to do chiropractic videos. This isn’t one of them. Instead, we’ve found that most people searching online for “chiropractic videos” are not looking for cinematography tips. Instead, they are looking for actual videos that they can use right away.

This article is devoted to connecting you with free chiropractic videos that you can use in your marketing and patient education efforts. At the bottom you’ll find a place to request the hand-picked list of recommended YouTube videos to embed

Chiropractic Videos for Your Website and Marketing

There are three different types of chiropractic videos that you might find on a website. Two types are for marketing, and one is for patient education. The chiropractic marketing videos can be subdivided into testimonials and “about us” videos. Here are a few sample chiropractic videos in each category followed by instructions for how to get them.

Chiropractic Patient Education Videos – Video Category 1

The YouTube channels of the various state chiropractic associations are a great place to look for chiropractic patient education videos that you can embed on your website. Since these video channels are run by associations they generally do not contain promotional messages for any one chiropractor.

These two videos target parents of school-age children and are great examples of educational chiropractic videos.

Pack it Light, Wear it Right: Backpack Tips

Association of NJ Chiropractors Promotes Backpack Safety on KYW-TV

Chiropractic Testimonial Videos- Video Category 2

Testimonial videos can be very effective when carefully planned or selected. Generally a chiropractic video testimonial is intended to persuade a potential patient to take a specific action – such as make an appointment or begin a new treatment modality. For the testimonial video to help accomplish this goal the patient must either:

  1. Respect the speaker in the testimonial because of their position, education or experience, or
  2. Relate to the personal story of the speaker because it is similar to their own

In preparing or selecting chiropractic video testimonials for your website, look for authoritative figures and make sure you have a diversity of ages, genders and conditions represented.

1. These are two excellent examples of authoritative speakers:

Jerry Rice – Football Legend

Dr.  Terry Schroeder, Coach of US Olympic Water Polo Team

2. These are two examples of diverse conditions.

Infertility and Chiropractic

Chiropractic and ADHD

News stories are a great substitute for personal testimonials since they are reported from a third-party perspective. Even though local news stories often feature another chiropractor as the expert – when you use news stories from outside your local market there is no competitive threat.

Chiropractic “About Us” Videos- Video Category 3

This type of chiropractic video is inherently about YOU, so you won’t be reusing anyone else’s video other than to get ideas. Here are two opposite ends of the spectrum that both work well.

Humor with a Heavy Dose of Reality

This chiropractic video works because it speaks the truth. Any chronic pain sufferer will immediately related to the man in the bed. At the same time, everyone, young/old, fit/healthy will laugh.

Personal, Narrated Tour

We selected this chiropractic video as an example because it is very genuine. The doctor narrates the video himself and it sounds as if he’s talking directly to you, not to a worldwide audience. You can see some camera shake throughout and this contributes to the authenticity and allows people to let their “I’m being sold to” guard down. This is an example that anyone with a Flip camera can replicate.

Your Personal Chiropractic Video Collection

Don’t send people to YouTube to watch these chiropractic videos. Instead, embed them into your own webpage. Have patients and potential patients spend time on YOUR website where they aren’t surrounded by the ads and marketing messages of your competitors.

How do you do it?

If you have a WordPress-based website we highly recommend the Display Buddy plugin which will transform your video and photos into visual masterpieces and is so easy to use.

If you do not use WordPress, your best bet is to use the video embed code that YouTube provides and paste that into the HTML of your webpage. You may need to wrestle with it a bit to make it look good. Often times creating a 2×4 table to hold eight chiropractic videos works well.

NOTE: We can implement either option for you on an hourly basis.

Download the Ultimate Free Chiropractic Video Collection

All of the chiropractic videos you see on this page are YouTube videos with permission to embed. If we can embed them, so can you.

It would be pointless to have you search all over YouTube to assemble a ‘best-of’ collection of your own. That’s why we are making a list of hand-selected videos available as a free download. We’ve screened the list to be mostly devoid of competitive marketing messages and to cover a wide variety of ailments and ages.

Enter your name and email address below and you’ll be able to download your chiropractic videos list for use on your own website

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