A chiropractic newsletter is a great way to stay in touch with current patients. A well-crafted newsletter should focus on disease and injury prevention. When patients heed the advice, they will be fitter and stronger. But, when injury or disease does strike, you will be top-of-mind as the chiropractor that is genuinely interested improving and restoring their health. In this article we explain your options for getting started with a regular chiropractic newsletter and how to get high-quality free content.

Chiropractic Newsletter Options

chiropractic-newsletter-with-glassesYou have several delivery options for your chiropractic newsletter. The obvious choices are email, print, blog or all of the above. We are proponents of the ‘all of the above’ approach as long as you can streamline the process to make it easy to manage. Here is what we suggest.

  • One blog post per week with 200 to 500 words posted to your website.
  • An email newsletter every month that provides 1) news and timely announcements from the clinic, 2) a one sentence description of the weekly blog posts and 3) a link to read the full article.
  • A print chiropractic newsletter every quarter featuring the best of the 12 weekly articles. We suggest making these available in your office and having patients sign up to receive them at home rather than mailing to everyone in your database.

Using this plan, you make sure that every patient has ample opportunities to see and absorb your chiropractic newsletter content. And, you only need to spend about 20 minutes per week writing about a relevant, newsworthy subject.

Chiropractic Newsletter Templates

man-with-chiropractic-newsletterThe ideal chiropractic newsletter template has 3 to 4 pages. It should contain no more than 3 feature stories along with several sidebar stories for easy browsing. The entire template should be consistent with your branding and use colors and fonts that are consistent with your logo, signage and other print materials.

While it is tempting to grab the very first chiropractic newsletter template that looks good and run with it, don’t do it. Have a designer modify a starter template to be uniquely yours. Your chiropractic newsletter is an extension of your brand and a reflection on your practice standards for quality.

Chiropractic Newsletter Articles

pen-with-chiropractic-newsletter-articlesOnce you’ve deiced on your delivery format and your template, you need articles for your chiropractic newsletter. You can write the articles yourself, buy articles or get free articles that allow republication.

We don’t recommend that you buy any articles. We do recommend that you write your own cover story every month. Knocking out 500 words for the lead story should only take you 20 minutes and is content that can be reused on your blog and in your internet marketing.

Beyond the cover story, you can get all of the interior content for your chiropractic newsletter from online article directories such as Ezine Articles, GoArticles or ArticlesBase. There are thousands of relevant articles on each of these websites that would be perfect for a chiropractic newsletter. You may be asking…how do I know I’m allowed to republish these articles? Great question. The Terms of Service for each of the three sites very clearly provide for republication online and in print as long as you do not modify the original article.

On each of these sites there are article gems hidden among lower quality ramblings. To save you the time and hassle of sorting through each site looking for the gems, we have already done it for you. In the next 2 minutes you can download a zip file of 75 articles that have been prescreened and hand-selected for inclusion in a chiropractic newsletter.

These articles are written by experts in their respective fields and are 100% free to use. Download your zip file of 75 chiropractic newsletter articles and you’ll have enough content for an entire year or more.

Chiropractic Newsletter Articles Download

Simply enter your name and email address below and you’ll have your list of 75 manually screened chiropractic articles for your newsletter in less than 2 minutes time.

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