If you are trying to acquire new chiropractic patients from the internet, you are in the right place. The services, tools and training options you’ll find on this page were developed in collaboration with leading chiropractors to meet their specific online needs.

If you are new to our website, we invite you to browse our educational resources, check out our event schedule and explore all of the different service offerings. Everything we do is grounded in our mission to provide a superior experience at a fair price. We hope you’ll agree.

Internet Marketing for Chiropractors – Content Creation and Posting Services

Keeping your brand name and message in front of current, former and potential patients requires a constant stream of high quality content and a way to distribute that content. The tools and services in this section are designed to make the sourcing and distribution of great chiropractic patient education materials easy. Our professional writers create superb patient education articles for chiropractors that you can private label as your own. Our expert blogs and social media specialists will post and the distribute the content to your website visitors and fans. The entire process can be entirely hands-off for you so that you can focus on patient care.

In the category of Content Creation and Posting Services we currently offer:

High Quality Articles for Blogs and Newsletters


Do you hate writing but need high-quality patient education content for your blog, social media pages and email newsletters? Get 20 professionally written, private label articles delivered by email every week. Brand the articles as yours and use them online, as email newsletters or print them in your office.

$27 per month

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GhostPoster Weekly Blogging Services


Have you been neglecting your blog due to a lack of time or a severe case of writer’s block? Or, did you join our article membership, thinking you would post the articles yourself and simply fall behind? No problem. We’ll post the articles and images for you to keep your blog active and interesting.

$50 per month ($27 article membership is a prerequisite)

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Daily Facebook Fan Page Posting


Is your practice’s Facebook Fan Page dormant and boring because you don’t know what to post or don’t get around to doing it? No problem. We’ll post relevant links, quizzes, questions and jokes on your Facebook Fan Page daily to keep your brand and message in front of patients.

$47 per month per Fan Page

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Internet Marketing for Chiropractors – New Patient Conversion Tools and Services

How do new chiropractic patients decide which practice they will call for that crucial first appointment? While there are many subjective factors circulating in their heads as they narrow down on which chiropractor to call, we know from research that:

  • 67% of local consumers have read online reviews of local businesses.1
  • 49% of local consumers are more likely to use a business that has positive reviews.1
  • Local consumers like to read up to 10 reviews before making a decision about which local business to use.1
  • 51% of consumers cite ‘Reliability’ as the most important trait in choosing a local business.1
  • 90% of U.S. consumers ranked click-to-chat as “useful to extremely useful.”2
  • 63% of respondents were more likely to return to a particular website after experiencing live chat.2
  • 40% of customers would be more likely to recommend a business that has a good special offer.1

1. http://searchengineland.com/harnessing-the-power-of-online-customer-reviews-for-local-business-growth-92947
2. http://www.corpmagazine.com/management/sales-marketing/itemid/4313/online-chat–improve-customer-service-increase-s

These statistics are clear reminders that just bringing visitors to your website isn’t enough. You need to motivate them to choose YOU with a compelling offer (promotions), a clear demonstration or your reliability and expertise (reviews), immediate personalized service (online chat) or even all three!

In the category of New Patient Conversion Tools and Services we currently offer:

Review Management w/ Website Publication


What are people saying about you online? How would you respond is someone left a negative review? How would you even know you had received a negative review? That’s what review monitoring and push notifications are for! We monitor all the major review sites and send you real time updates as new reviews are posted.

$197 set-up + $47 per month

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Online Chat Attendant for Your Website


Wish you could offer your website visitors a more customized experience and immediate answers to their questions. A live chat host can engage your visitors in conversation, collect contact information, transfer calls and even set appointments.

Variable pricing based on the number of visitors your website receives.

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Promotional Pop-Up Offers on Your Website


Whatever your personal feelings about pop ups the truth is that they get results. Website visitors are presented with your special offer and need to take an action to accept it or close it. The right special offer that represents a great value will allow yo to convert a higher percentage of casual visitors into new patients or newsletter subscribers.

$197 one time set-up; Optional $47 per month to manage rotating offers

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Internet Marketing for Chiropractors – Performance Measurement and Analytics

How do new chiropractic patients decide which practice they will call for that crucial first appointment? While there are many subjective factors circulating in their heads as they narrow down on which chiropractor to call,

In the category of Performance Measurement and Analytics Services we currently offer:

Website Traffic Sources and Activity Analysis


Where do your website visitors actually come from? How long do they stay and what do they do? If you aren’t measuring and diving into the data, you’ll have no idea which of your marketing activities (emails, paid ads, social media, health fairs) has the highest ROI and which ones are a big waste of money.

$97 setup + $17 per month for weekly, monthly, quarterly reports

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Weekly Search Engine Rankings Analysis


Are you (or an agency) pursuing organic search optimization but are unsure of the results? While you could manually check a handful of keywords, the only way to know if you are making systematic progress is to measure a large number of keywords, in each major search engine on a set schedule.

$97 setup + $17 per month for weekly reports

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Google Adwords Account Review and Optimization

google adwords partner

Feel like you are spending a lot of money of PPC without a lot of results? Chances are that the organization of your Adwords account is working against you. Also, unless your ad text was written by a professional copywriter, its probably on the dull side. We’ll show you exactly how to structure your account, give you access to our highly refined list of keyword phrases and even write 10 ads for you guaranteed to outperform your current ads.

$297 one time account analysis with specific performance suggestions and ad text

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Internet Marketing for Chiropractors – Specialized Services

Hands-off, Quality Backlink Building Services


The ultimate hands-off link building solution. You’ll get 50 to 100 new inbound links created to your website every month. We manage the speed, source and anchor text used on your behalf. All you need to do is tell us what keywords you are targeting.

$297 setup + $147 per month

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Custom WordPress-based Website Development


Have you been ‘renting’ a website from a provider of cookie cutter chiropractic websites? Did you have a custom site developed in the past, but the developer vanished on you and you cannot work with the technology. Our websites are custom-made for your practice using the popular WordPress platform that you can self-manage.

Pricing varies; please inquire

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Pay-per-Click & Google Adwords Management

google adwords partner

Struggling with a low click-through-rate or high cost-per-click on your Google Adwords account? We are chiropractic and dental pay-per-click specialists.

Higher of $150 per month or 10% of your budget

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